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Dried Fruit

Though all the nutrients are the same as the original fruit, it’s incredibly easy to overdo it. Dried fruit is essentially dehydrated fruit, meaning it’s the same slice of apple without water. Most fruits reduce by 75 percent when dehydrated, meaning you will need to cut back on your serving size by 75 percent.


Different Types of Dry Fruits

Dried fruits are very popular for a multitude of reasons! Eating fruit is associated with improved health and provides many of the essential minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and fiber that you need every day. Dried fruit doesn’t spoil as quickly and is an easy snack to pack, especially for activities like hiking!

But keep in mind, dried fruits are higher in calories because they are more concentrated once the water has been removed. Weight for weight, fresh fruit will have few calories than its dehydrated version. One hundred grams of fresh plums contain only 46 calories, whereas 100 grams of prunes (dried plums) have 240 calories. It is also important to note that some vitamins are lost during the drying process.


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