Consulting and Ordering

Consulting and Ordering

Export of dried fruits

Dried fruit exports are very popular. Dried fruit is one of the products that is usually traded by companies in international trade. Because they have a longer shelf life compared to fresh fruits and also their easy storage conditions have made them very popular for trading this product.

What should be the quality of dried fruit?

The most common quality requirements for dried fruits are as follows:
– amount of humidity ;

– Measurement (different for each type of dried fruit and nuts);

– Special slices (for certain types of dried fruits);

– Surface and types of preservatives used

– How to label the product for exporting dried fruit.

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How to pack dried fruit exports?

Good packaging protects the quality of the product against contamination and changes in smell, taste, color, or other problems.
Dried fruits are usually packed in cardboard boxes with a plastic liner inside. Dried fruits, which are intended for wholesale, are usually packaged in jute or plastic bags or in “poly bags”. They can also be packed in cardboard boxes or wooden boxes. Sending products by sea, land, and the air is safe for customers.