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Dried fruit Distribution centers

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The specifications of dried fruitDistributing dried fruit in bulk

dried fruit Distribution centers in two ways. They are active in person and in absentia.The selling price of bulk dried fruits in the market, in addition to discussing the quality of the product and whether it is packaged or in bulk, is also related to items such as market inventory and customer demand in each season, which will be different for industrial sliced ​​dried fruits.

Dried fruit Distribution centers

The specifications of dried fruit

The specifications of dried fruit To make some dried fruits sweeter and more attractive, they are covered with sugar or syrup before drying. Dried fruits to which sugar is added are called sweet fruits. Added sugar has been shown time and time again to have harmful effects on health because it increases the risk of obesity, heart disease and even cancer. Dried fruits, missing rings in export: Iran is the second largest producer and exporter of dried fruits in the world after Turkey.

Some countries need dried fruits because of their climatic conditions that prevent them from producing fruit. The production of dried fruits in Iran is more than the domestic need for export, and for this purpose, with mechanized agriculture, it is possible to increase both the production capacity and the quality of the products. The government alone can not export dried fruits, but the presence of the private sector in the production and packaging of dried fruits in the country can lead Iran to victory over other competitors in the market. In Shush, Gilan, and Lorestan, we have seen traces and signs of human access to dried fruit 2,000 years ago.

Ancient humans provided food and satiety to continue feeding in different seasons of the year. It can be said that not only 3,000 years ago but also 7 million years ago, humans maintained food in various ways. In winter and the freezing of the ground, there was no green tree and no fruit at work, there was no possibility of eating fresh, and there was no refrigerator-freezer that could freeze fresh food, and in winter it was fresh to eat, but in the cavities it was almost All archaeologists have come across documents of dried fruit that humans use. Nuts and nuts such as hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios play an important role in maintaining good health.

Such foods have no nutritional value, they are rich sources of protein, minerals and antioxidant vitamins. The brain is one of the most important sources of selenium, which is essential for the health of the immune system. It also has some anti-cancer properties and reduces the risk of prostate, lung and intestinal cancers by about 3%. It also prevents the development of breast cancer in women and prostate problems in men..

Distributing dried fruit in bulk

Distributing dried fruit in bulk Distribution and distribution of dried fruits, like many food products, is done in bulk and packaging. Bulk sale of dried fruit in nuts stores is done in different containers, one of the most luxurious and attractive of which is the presentation in large glass containers. Types of industrial dried fruits can be seen in large nuts stores in the country in large glass containers as a simple or a mixture of dried fruits. The attractive color variety offered in these dishes is something that can be attractive to any customer. But in addition to bulk sales, the sale of packaged dried fruits also has a special place; In particular, it will be possible to provide different and specific weights of dried fruits in packaged dried fruits. Of course, different shapes and different qualities of packaging can also be seen in the market:

  • Containers in different forms
  • Aluminum foil

But there are many stores to buy dried fruit in person in Tehran market. Stores that each offer different types of dried fruit with different qualities and prices. Obviously, the price of humble dried fruit will also vary depending on the quality of the dried fruit and of course the type of dried fruit. But given the reputation of this store as a brand of nut products, it will be one of the best choices to buy a variety of industrial apricot dry fruits.

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