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Dried fruit Domestic production in 2020

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Which dry fruit is costly?Domestic products of dried fruit in 2020

Dried fruit has received special attention in recent years and is opening its place in the country’s share of non-oil exports. The number of factories and workshops for the production of this product has increased and shows the importance of people’s attention to dried fruit in the food basket of households. mixed dry fruits price Industrial has its own difference from home, because the costs of mass production, packaging costs, brand and apple health in calculating dry fruits wholesale rates with price The day will be involved.

Dried fruit Domestic production in 2020

Which dry fruit is costly?

Which dry fruit is costly? Due to the wide market for dried fruits, this product has many foreign applicants in addition to domestic consumers. Iran’s small share in the global dried fruit export market indicates the country’s high need for growth and development due to its high potential in this field. Selling products such as dried fruit is more important than production and quality and quantity discussions because the continuation of production and business prosperity depends on this.

On the other hand, the realization of sales requires the process of attracting customers and correct identification of the demand market. Therefore, one of the best conditions for selling dried fruit is to use the agencies of the contracting parties with the production factories.

These agencies can select the most suitable ones for sale and supply from different markets for selling dried fruits, and in this way, boost exports. Meanwhile, European and Arab countries in the Persian Gulf are the best target markets for selling high quality Iranian dried fruit. In Asia, Thailand and China are Iran’s biggest export competitors.

Domestic products of dried fruit in 2020

Domestic products of dried fruit in 2020 Wholesale sales of first-class and high-quality dried fruits are a good option for supplying products abroad, even inside Iran. Naturally, in the field of trade and export, the wholesale price of dried fruit, whether in bulk or packaged, is a good option for buyers. In selling this product, customers from different countries are looking for different items, so a country like Russia is interested in lower prices and the quality is sufficient to the normal standard.

A country like Germany has a strict standard for product quality and the price comes next. Well, with this account, when negotiating with each customer, it is necessary to consider the buyer’s request and make a suitable offer. Estimating the daily price is of special importance for the dried fruit export buyer because it is effective in negotiating with a foreign customer.

Giving up-to-date prices to the customer due to market fluctuations helps a lot to sell better. Many customers of this product focus on the wholesale price and want to achieve their goal with a lower price and with immediate and direct delivery. With our productive presence, our collection is both a buyer of variety and quality products and a major seller in the dried fruit export sector.

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