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Dried fruit Price Fluctuation in 2020

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What happens if we eat dry fruits daily?Price changes of dried fruit in 2020

Dried fruit exports to our country, Iran, are known among border and neighboring countries well as in continental Europe. Having different items of summer, autumn, and winter fruits in different parts of the country have led to a high production volume in the world. The high production rate, as a result of the low-cost price for dried fruits, is very advantageous for Iranian exporters and they can have a good presence in foreign markets. Dried mixed fruit is another type that has been very popular recently, increasing competitiveness by offering mixed types of dried fruits in the form of packaging.

Dried fruit Price Fluctuation in 2020

What happens if we eat dry fruits daily?

What happens if we eat dry fruits daily? The major distribution of Iranian packaged dried fruits in the world market is more important than bulk exports of this product. This makes the discussion of branding and advertising as one of the basic components of sales in today’s economy, more purposefully, and efficiently pursued. Today, the importance of sales for various products such as dried fruit price comparison is more than production and it’s quality and quantity discussions; Because it is a support and guarantee for the continuation of production and business prosperity.

Sales can be achieved only by attracting customers and correctly identifying the market demand, which is a good option for the development of this oh use dried fruit sales agency. Therefore, one of the best selling conditions for dried fruits is the bulk distribution of packaged dried fruits that can be offered in different agencies. In order to obtain an exclusive sales agency for these products, conditions must be considered that are agreed upon by the dried fruit sales company and the agency, which can be concluded in the form of a contract before starting cooperation.

Price changes of dried fruit in 2020

Price changes of dried fruit in 2020 Like any other product, there are different target markets for dried fruit; Consumption of nuts, tea, and powder are among the various applications of this product. Europe has always been a potential market for Iranian products and fans of Iranian goods can be found in large numbers in these countries. But the activity in Europe is a bit difficult and the major customers have certain strictures towards Iranian imported products and seek to set different standards for these products.

Asia is a very large continent and it has different customers with different tastes, among which the Arab countries are a good target market. Also on this continent, Thai dried fruit price bulks are a serious competitor for the sale of Iranian products. China is also famous for producing large pieces of dried fruit and is a tough competitor for Iran in this field. According to the available statistics, Iranian products have a good position in Arab countries and we can hope for the future of selling dried fruits in these markets.

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