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The best dried grapes for sale

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Nutritional facts for dried grapesPurchase the best dried grapes at rational price

The best dried grapes for sale in bulk for traders and bulk buyers can be achieved from reliable wholesalers and distributors. in this review we tell you more about this precious product.

The best dried grapes for sale

Nutritional facts for dried grapes

Nutritional facts for dried grapes The dried fruits not only prolong the summer flavor but they provide a different sweetness. The desiccation or dehydration to which some fresh fruits are subjected is an operation designed to reduce the water content in the fruit’s constitution as much as possible.

in order to paralyze the action of germs that need moisture to live. To achieve this purpose, use is made of natural heat (exposure to the sun) or artificial heat (combustion of wood or coal, gas or electricity).

During the drying of fresh fruit, its water content is reduced, which results in the concentration of nutrients. The caloric value of dried fruits is high (from 163 dried grapes calories per 100 grams  to 264 calories of raisins) due to its abundance in simple carbohydrates.

The grapes and dried apricots, in particular, for its large number of insoluble fiber are very effective food to treat constipation. Insoluble fiber increases the speed of intestinal transit and thus the evacuation of feces (laxative effect).

It sequesters bile acids, which are eliminated in the feces, forcing the body to synthesize more acids from cholesterol, and as a consequence, it reduces total cholesterol. Insoluble fiber carries away cholesterol and carcinogens; they spend less time in contact with the mucosa, thus reducing the risk of hypercholesterolemia and bowel cancer.

Best dried grapes, being dehydrated, are foods concentrated in nutrients, including iron, so their consumption is indicated in case of iron deficiency anemia. To promote the absorption of iron, these fruits have to be combined with foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus or its juice, kiwi, tropical fruits, etc. Apricot, peach and dried apricots stand out above the rest for their iron content.

Purchase the best dried grapes at rational price

Purchase the best dried grapes at rational price Dried fruits are one of the foods with the highest concentration of potassium, so their consumption is especially recommended for those who take diuretics that eliminate potassium and for people with bulimia, since large amounts of this mineral are lost through self-induced vomiting.

However, for people who suffer from kidney failure and who require potassium-controlled diets, the consumption of dried fruits is contraindicated.

The richness in magnesium of these fruits makes them interesting in situations in which the needs of this mineral are increased: chronic intestinal malabsorption, alcoholism, treatment with certain medications.

Also, diets rich in refined foods (white bread, white rice, sugar, pasta …), tend to have lower magnesium content than those rich in vegetables and whole grains. The mineral is lost during the refining of cereals, such as wheat flour and rice, and food processing, such as sugar, and is not added as part of the fortification of cereals.

Regular consumption of dried fruits can promote tooth decay. The sticky consistency of dried fruits makes them adhere to the teeth, so it is advisable to brush your teeth after consuming them.

The dried grapes benefits are many and we can tell you more about this product. how to purchase in bulk? it is easy, you can contact to our sales manager and ask for rational prices.

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